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Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification

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Private Consultations

Initial Consult

In-Home or Virtual
$180 for 2 Hours

The Initial Consultation last 2 hours in-home or through Zoom. During the consultation, a Clever Critters trainer will consult with you about your pet’s behavior and training history and observe any concerning behavior(s) within safety and reason. Clever Critters will also determine an appropriate behavior modification plan (management and training), demonstrate and coach training techniques, and provide homework and education resources based on the protocol discussed and practiced during the visit.

Follow Up

In-Home or Virtual
$90 for 1 Hour

Follow-up consultations are provided in your home or virtually and last 1 hour. The total number and frequency of appointments depends upon yours and your pet’s needs, your schedule, and your budget.

Follow ups are generally recommended every 2 weeks for the most effective training schedule.

Counterconditioning Session

In-Home or Virtual
$60 for 1/2 Hour

A focused visit to work hands-on training for one specific area of concern as discussed with and approved by your trainer in a previous visit or conversation.

This service is not intended to replace the 1 hour Follow Up.

These sessions are recommended weekly or twice weekly, or as discussed with your trainer on the most effective training schedule. Multiple ones can be scheduled at one time, or as you go, and intermixed with Follow Ups as needed and recommended.

No new behavior concerns are discussed during this visit.

Group Behavior Classes

Reactive Rover

$130 for 1 Hour

Have a dog that is reactive on leash? Join Clever Critters trainer Sydney or Shana to work with your dog to learn body language, defensive leash handling skills, and ultimately how to help your dog better navigate their environment on walks.

For brand new clients there will be a required 1 hour Zoom session scheduled the week prior to cover foundational material needed to be successful, such as body language, management of reactive dogs, and fundamentals of clicker training. This is included in the cost of the course.