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Destiny Shell


Destiny joined the Clever Critters Team as a Dog Trainer in the Spring of 2023! She earned her behavior consultant certification through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants in 2024 and has also completed multiple other dog training certifications, including the Victoria Stilwell Academy, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, and the Fear Free Animal Trainer certification. She has also received her Pet Care Professional Certification through Dognostics and completed the Master’s Course for Aggression in Dogs. Currently, Destiny is working to earn her diploma in Canine Behavioral Science and Technology at CASI and will be graduating  as an Advanced Graduate with Aggression Behavior in Dogs specialties. 

About Destiny

Destiny came to Hampton Roads when she was stationed here while serving in the Navy. As a kid, Destiny was usually the one training and working with her family’s pets. As a result, they would choose to sleep in her bed with her, which means she is accustomed to only having a small piece of her bed for most of her life. Destiny earned her bachelor’s degree while on shore duty, and once out of the Navy, she began volunteering and fostering for shelters and rescues. It was there that her desire to do more took over and in 2016 she started her own dog rescue. Lila, one of the dogs taken in at the rescue, was saved from a dog fighting ring and while working through some of her fears, Destiny realized there were areas beyond her knowledge. Thus began her relationship with Clever Critters. As she worked closely to help Lila, Destiny found enjoyment in everything she was learning, and her passion led her to the desire to learn more. As the years went by and she continued to work with (and refer) those seeking help to Clever Critters, she decided that it was time for her to step up in the hopes that she would be able to better help dogs, as well as pet parents, reaching out for help. Destiny took the leap into formal education of canine training and behavior and began her journey with Victoria Stilwell Academy. Destiny graduated from Victoria Stilwell Academy in June of 2021, earned her Fear Free certification in October of 2021, and became an Accredited Dog Trainer with the IAABC. In 2024, she earned her Certified Dog Behavior Consultant certification through IAABC. 
As Destiny’s passion for behavior modification continues to grow, she has decided to earn her diploma in Canine Behavioral Science and Technology at CASI, with Advanced Graduate and Aggressive Behavior in Dogs specialties. She will be graduating in July of this year!
Once that is complete, Destiny has goals to learn more about cooperative care, as she has seen her dogs greatly benefit from the principles of this training. She enjoys seeing the dogs flourish and be more comfortable when getting necessary vetting and grooming needs. Running a rescue means Destiny is able to work closely with a Fear Free vet and enjoys working closely with them. She also plans to pursue a Master’s Degree in Animal Science and Behavior to put her one step closer to earning a Behaviorist certification. Another goal she would like to achieve is to learn more and work with feline training and behavior. 
When not working or studying, Destiny enjoys spending time with her dogs (both rescue and personal) and has a fondness for rats. Stewie was her first rat and together, they enjoyed training and learning more about his needs. After losing Stewie to cancer last year, she looks forward to working with rats again in the future! Destiny continues to expand her education by staying caught up with her continuing education requirements, such as seminars and webinars. 

Things I Find Reinforcing

Things I Find Aversive

Destiny's Clever Critters


Nicknames: Spicy, Tiger, Puppy, Meekies, Tiger Pup
Loves to train, eat, and wrestle with his brother


Nicknames: Mootus, Bru Bru, Brute-face
Loves the rain and snow, chasing his younger brother in the yard, tug-of-war


Nicknames: Dumpster kitty, Ninja cat, Jungle kitten, Lunabear, Lunabelle
Loves to bird watch, walk outside on her harness, roll around in dad’s uniform